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We're here to bring you the best Window Cleaning services in Colorado. Simply put, we're unmatched at our prices. We offer comprehensive service(s) inside and out at better prices and greater quality than our competitors. Our promise to our customers is simple. We will be reliable, professional, and best of all, consistently provide you with quality results at the best price possible.

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per pane



per pane



per pane

Why do we charge per pane, rather than per window?

We charge per pane in order to accurately estimate the effort of work and account for the variation of window types found in your home. It is our hope that by doing so you, our valued customers, get more accurate price estimates from us and we can properly estimate the time it will take us to do each job. We pride ourselves on arriving when we say we will, charging consistent and fair prices, and guaranteeing your satisfaction; it is this pricing policy that makes that possible.

Extra Charges

Skylights, track detailing, hard water stain removal, screen cleaning, moving furniture, and intense ladder work are all subject to additional charges. Please let us know when scheduling your service if you would like to have any of these services performed. At each job we will always inform you if our original quote was inaccurate prior to starting work.

Meet the owners

We're Ludega Window Cleaning, one small part of Ludega. After 10+ years of friendship, we came together to build better lives for ourselves and one another one window at a time. Thank you so much for welcoming us to Denver and allowing us to provide Window Cleaning Services to you!



Eric is a Co-founder, Partner, and Principal Manager of Ludega Window Cleaning. With over seven years of experience in the window cleaning sector and a plethora of experience running his own successful companies, Eric is a perfect fit for managing the day-to-day operations of Ludega Window Cleaning.



Mitch, Ludega's newest partner, comes to us from St. Louis with more than 10 years of experience. From the simplest of window cleaning jobs to hanging from high rise sky scrapers in Spider Man suits, Mitch has done it all. With his help Ludega Window Cleaning expands into the high rise building markets to chase our goals and further our horizons!



Alex is the Founder of Ludega and partner of Ludega Window Cleaning. With him he brings years of experience in everything from small startups, large scale governmental work, and even Fortune 100 Companies. It's his mission to help Ludega Window Cleaning forge a path of success in today's competitive and complex world.

Client Testimonials

We tried out Ludega Window Cleaning because of their friendly and professional attitude. Their team showed up on time and did a phenomenal job! We've been using them ever since. Their prices are right and their work is quality. Good service for a good price. Can't complain!

Don Hicks of Shortline Auto Group: I recommend Ludega Window Cleaning to anyone with glass cleaning needs. The guys are fast, meticulous, and very fairly priced. They will continue to keep the glass clean on all ten of my dealership buildings for years to come.

Eric & Sean clean 3 of my store front windows and they do a great and prompt service. If you are looking for professional window cleaning service i highly recommend them. Very satisfied!

We use Ludega Window Cleaning to clean our windows at our Allstate Agency every week! Great guys, great service and great price!! We would defiantly recommend these guys to anyone who needs there services! Thanks guys for always doing such a great job!!

I'm a manager for Jumpoline Family Fun Park at Hampden and Chambers in Aurora CO. These guys do an excellent job each time they clean our windows. They're quick, thorough, and know their stuff. They're also very decently priced, especially when you consider the quality of their work.

I use Lu dega Glass for both of my restaurants. They are professional and reliable. Highly recommended!

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We're ever looking for the best companies out there to partner with and we're always in need of qualified members to add to our team. Whether you'd like to employ our services, join our team, partner with us, or even if you just have a question you'd like answered, please don't hesitate to reach out!